Mother & Baby Care


Benevolent believes that the creation of life is Godly and divine and is the reflection of the creation of the universe itself. Expecting mothers are given utmost care from Benevolent through our trained maternity caregivers.

We at Benevolent will be there to help you to welcome the new addition to your life. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of a woman’s life and during this period they not only require care from their family but also needs to keep themselves pure from within so that the baby is healthy as the mother’s mood and health reflects on the growing baby.


As the mother conceives, she undergoes many changes throughout the day and that happens every day. She feels nausea, dizziness, sometimes get constipated, experiences muscle cramps and many more. An experienced pre-natal caregiver has to be there to support and help the mother in all the pre-natal days. So that the mother feels relaxed and calm rather than getting anxious and worried. When a knowledgeable caregiver is at home, it provides the mother confidence and helps her get literate on the activities she has to take care of once she delivers a baby. That’s where Benevolent is keen on the service.

Our maternity caregiver also provides pre-delivery massages that enhance the overall blood flow in her body, reduces muscle cramps and help her flush out toxins naturally. All these provide relaxation to the mother while she gets the best care.


Utmost care has to be given to new mothers and babies. Early care and assistance can help them to stimulate blood circulation, prevent postpartum hair falling and reshape their body. Our post-pregnancy care experts make routine charts and they will instruct them in a compassionate way on what the mother has to perform every day.

The Benevolent caregiver gives an entire body massage to the mother. An hour-long massage provides the mother with a soothing effect and helps her rejuvenate. No matter whether you are undergone a normal delivery or a C-section, this massage is for all.

This massage is provided for about 3 months. These activities are performed in the comfort of your home.


Once the umbilical cord gets detached and the navel heals, body massage to the new born is provided. We have professionally trained people who will come to your home and provide extra massage services. The new born requires to get adjusted to nature and this massage will help the baby to get its required shape. 

Providing this massage improves the complexion, helps the baby gain its required weight, improves immunity, activates its sensory organs and thus the baby gets its required dose of sleep.

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