Doctor On Call​

What’s a Doctor on Call Service?

Benevolent’s Doctor Care Include :
• Tele-Health Care from the doctor. (Video call or non-video)
• In-home doctor visit.

The doctor on call or the in-home doctor service has become more important and in-demand due to the present covid-19 scenario, you are more in the vicinity to danger when you visit a clinic or hospital, you get to interact with a lot of other patients.
Here Benevolent helps you or your loved ones to consult a registered doctor at the comforts of your home for treatment & consultation of equal quality and facilities. The second facility is an on-call conversation with doctors, a family member of the patient or the patient itself can have a video call or normal call to our specialist doctors as per your need.


• When your Family Doctor is Unavailable.

• When you need to consult a doctor for your elderly member at home or a Physically Challenged person.

• Medically homebound patients who require medical service.

• When you require a palliative care doctor for your critically ill member of the home.
One of the main benefits includes the availability of on-call doctors during the most inconvenient times and when there’s urgency.


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